Some Common Problems About Sending and Getting E-Mail and Solutions

01Ocak 2017
by admin
We are all using e-mail accounts. Sending and getting e-mails are normal in our life. We are sending e-mails to our friends or our wife. Sometimes getting e-mail from our children.
E-Mails are very important for our jobs and bussiness. We are sending offers and getting e-mails about a product.. This means e-mails are part of our life.
Problems are starting from here. We are getting errors with using our e-mails. An hosting provider must solve the problems. We try to write problems and resolutions in tis article.
1. Our e-mails is comming back. We couldnt send e-mails to our friends or  bussiness e-mails. All of them are comming back.
This problem is very annoying. Mail servers have ip addresses and using ip addresses for sending e-mails.
  •  Maybe server’s ip address is in a blacklist. Mail servers get reference black list service providers and checking mails and server ips with these blacklists. If your server’s ip address is in a black list. You cant send e-mails to other receivers.
  •  All mail server ips need to have ptr records. If your hosting server’s main ip dont have a prt record, this is a reason for mail sending problem.
  •  Your mail sending limit is full. Lots of web hosting providers are using mail sending limits. These limits are protect other hosting package users in the dedicated server. If you send more mails, you need more capacity, cpu or ram and this means you all use server’s capacity. Because of this if you have more mail boxes and sending much mails, you need a vps server or a dedicated server not a web hosting.
  •  Some hosting services have hourly mail sending limits. If you reach this limit, you will not send e-mails in the same hour. You need to wait. This means you must increase your hosting capacity or need to change it to a server or a vps server.
2. If you dont get e-mails in few days, this must be some reasons. For example:
  • Your mail disk capacity is full. There are no more space and some mails are returing. You must check mail usage capacity in web hosting panel and if your mail box is full you must increase it.
  • Sometimes your mail server provider block mails. Because someone who is sending e-mail to you is a spammer or sender’s mail server’s ip address is in black list. Because of this you will not get these e-mails.
  •  Maybe your mail server is not working. Sometimes, more mail sending block your server’s capacity and this affect your mail usage.
I think that these informations are useful to you. And I advice you to prefer a good hosting company. This is very vital for you. Because your e-mail traffic means your trade and some problems with your e-mails will be very annoying to you. An old hosting company or a good hosting company choosing is not hard for you. You can search and find good web hosting companies in google.

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