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09Aralık 2016
by admin

“ buy hosting ” . If you are searching web hosting and want to buy you absolutely write this short sentence to a search engine.  When we search “ buy hosting ” in a search engine we can see many of results and we hosting web sites. Ok but we need to be careful.

After serching this sentence we can see many of web hosting packages and many of web hosting sites. How can we choose right hosting company and right hosting package? I want to give some advice about this to you.

First of all we want to look at forum sites and search chosen hosting site. If there is no problem with the company now you need to compare disk space and monthly traffic. If disk space and traffic is not more your web site can close in few days. E-mail and database capacity must be enaugh too.

You can use your web site for e-mail traffic, download files and your company info. You have images and information about your company in your web site. Your visitors are visiting your web site and this means traffic for your web site. You can have a php based web site and use mysql / mssql database. Your contents are in your database. This means you need more e-mail capacity, mysql / mssql database, php for your web site. When you try to choose an hosting company and an hosting package, you must have this detailes in the package.

Another issue is cpu capacity. Web sites are in a dedicated server. In a hosting server there are a lot of web sites and they all use server with your web site. Other web sites are sharing dedicated server with you and they all use server cpu, ram and other server components. Many of hosting companies use basic servers for more web sites. This means your web site will have connection problems. You need to ask to hosting companies cpu limit for each web site  and server specifications. Maybe your chosen hosting price is cheap but if you have problems with your hosting server your web site have disconnect problems. This means hosting company changing and paying again.

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